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Cost / Price
Web Site Design
Last Updated: November 1st, 2007
Basic Design Package
Planning and structuring 
Page design & layout (Up to 5 pages) 
Company / shop logo B 
Scanning and resizing images (Up to 5 pieces) 
Image manipulation / Image Editing (Up to 5 pieces) 
Title banner / Navigation button (Up to 5 pieces) 
Total (include tax)98,000yen

Page Design and Layout
Toppage design (1 draft)30,000yen and up
Subpage design (1 draft)15,000yen and up
1 additional page5,000yen
Pop-up window2,000yen and up
Frameset pages (Assigning HTML Pages to Frames.)10,000yen and up
Translation into JapaneseCall

Company / shop logo A
(original graphic design logo for your company / shop)
50,000yen and up
Company / shop logo B
(scan and trace your existing logo)
2,500yen and up
Scanning and resizing images500yen and up
Image manipulation / Image Editing
(shading, trimming, placing text on image, etc...)
3,000yen and up
Banners - Title, headline, subhead2,500yen and up
Variations of above1,500yen and up
Navigation button / icons A2,500yen and up
Variations of A1,500yen and up
Navigation button / icons B (Mouse-over / Roll-over)3,000yen and up
Variations of B2,500yen and up
Take digital photos (5 Megapixel)1,500yen and up
Stock Photos (per image)3,150yen and up
Banner image A (88x31)2,500yen and up
Banner image B (234x60)3,000yen and up
Banner image C (468x60)3,500yen and up
Banner image D (other sizes)Call
Placing a background image
(Placing background color is free)
2,500yen and up
GIF animation3,000yen and up
Graphic chart / map3,000yen and up

Javascript (exclude "Mouse-over")500yen and up
CGI script installation
(CGI script must be provided by your server or provider.)
3,000yen and up
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)1000yen and up

Sound (WAV. MIDI)Call

Page Update
Adding / Deleting / Updating text lines800yen and up
Adding / Deleting / Updating images2,000yen and up

Website Renewal
Prices vary upon request.Call
*All prices are shown with the tax included.
*Prices are subject to change without notice.
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